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Our Mission

Seeking to alleviate the physical needs of the disenfranchised men and women of Nashville. Ultimately bringing them to the source of true restoration and hope, Jesus Christ.

About us

Isaiah 58 believes in a relational approach to ministry, with Jesus being the ultimate answer. At the outset, this ministry was primarily weekly outreaches to the homeless and disenfranchised in Nashville where we offer meals, fellowship, and ultimately friendship. The consistency allowed us to get to know people on a deeper level, and the idea of employing our friends and creating self-sustainable businesses came to fruition.

All 3 business divisions of Isaiah 58, Cutting Crew, Cutting Crew Construction, and Spring Back Recycling, respectively follow a self-sustainability business model by employing men who previously disenfranchised or homeless. Many of whom we met out on outreaches many years ago.

So, every time you use one of our services, you are not only supporting local business, you are helping create jobs, opportunities and more hopeful future for our friends.

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Employment Opportunities